acne laser treatments

Cosmetic Lasers That Can Be Used To Treat Acne

Acne is an embarrassing problem a surprising number of people struggle with on a daily basis. Caused by a bacteria that is quite common and can often be found on the skin, acne is difficult to treat and almost impossible to get rid of without proper treatment. Antibacterial and topical medications provide a certain level of relief but can cause further irritation especially if you already have sensitive skin. What’s more, the bacteria under your skin can quickly build up resistance to the antibiotics, in which case such treatments cease to work. That’s where acne laser treatment can help.

In recent years, cosmetic lasers have been increasingly used to treat acne. There are different laser treatments that can be used to treat acne:

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light): The pulsed light delivers better aesthetic results than topical medications, especially on inflammatory acne, and doesn’t result in the same side effects.

PDT (photodynamic therapy), high intensity and diode lasers have been used to treat moderate to severe cases of acne and acne scars. Research shows that patients, undergone laser therapy see between 36% and 83% clearance of the skin post-procedure.
The high-intensity lasers are especially effective in reducing acne scarring. They remove the outermost layer of the skin and expose the younger layer instead. This improves the condition of the skin and prevents further outbreaks.

Diode lasers, on the other hand, reduce the skin’s ability to produce sebum by destroying some of the sebaceous (oil) glands. As acne cannot exist without these glands, this automatically clears the skin and provides long-term relief from the symptoms. Apart from providing visible results shortly after the procedure, diode laser treatments can also stimulate collagen and elastin production and reduce scarring. A recent study suggested that cosmetic lasers might cause long-term damage to these glands which is an effective solution for extremely severe and persistent cases of acne.

Top laser manufacturers that have developed lasers to provide acne laser treatments include: Candela, Palomar, Syneron, Fraxel and more.