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Lumenis Lasers

Lumenis Aesthetic Lasers

Headquartered in Yokneam, Israel, Lumenis Ltd. is a world-renowned leader in creating and distributing energy-based laser equipment for minimally-invasive clinical solutions.  Operating in surgical, ophthamological, and aesthetic fields, Lumenis has a presence in more than 100 countries globally and is known for producing high quality Laser, Intense-Pulsed Light (IPL), and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies.  Through the years, Lumenis has created a name for itself by finding solutions for conditions previously thought untreatable.  Additionally, Lumenis lasers have revolutionized existing treatment methods through increased attention to accessibility as well as desired patient outcomes.

Lumenis LightSheer

In its aesthetic division, Lumenis focuses primarily on hair removal and skin treatments.  Lumenis LightSheer hair removal systems consist of the Infinity, Desire, Duet, and ET, each of which incorporates state-of-the-art technology through diode lasers.  Lumenis hair removal products are viewed as the “gold standard” and offer customizable, accurate, efficient, safe, comfortable, and quick results for practitioners and patients alike.  Best of all, Lumenis hair removal products are intended to be cost effective, which increases the target population and ultimately the profitability of providing Lumenis treatments. Used Lumenis LightSheer lasers tend to hold their value and are an excellent investment for medspas and other hair removal practitioners.

used lightsheer lasersWith regard to skin treatments, Lumenis provides solutions for a wide range of patient complaints and ailments.  Treatment options include: ablative skin resurfacing; acne scar treatment; blepharoplasty; pigmentation; rosacea; scar revision; skin toning; vascular and leg vein removal; non-ablative skin resurfacing; photorejuvenation; and vaginal health restoration.  These treatments are performed with Lumenis’ impressive range of equipment, including the M22, ResurFX, FemTouch, AcuPulse, and UltraPulse Laser.  Safe, simple, cost-effective, and more versatile than competitors in the field, Lumenis’ systems are designed as the go-to equipment for professionals looking for true patient satisfaction.

While Lumenis was founded in 1991 under the name ESC Medical Systems Ltd., the Israeli company only went public in the American market in 2014.  Due to its global success, though, Lumenis has seen quick growth in the US and, in 2015, was acquired by the XIO Group investment firm.  Still focused on providing the best energy-based laser equipment in the market, Lumenis has succeeded in strengthening its financial portfolio in order to continue with the same success it has seen over the last 25 years.